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Don Pascual Chardonnay

Varieties: Chardonnay 100%

Kilograms per hectare: 10,000

Hectolitres per hectare: 60-65

Region: Juanicó

Soil type: Chalky – clay


~ Temperate with ocean influences

~ Mean annual temperature of 16.6° C. (62° F.)

~ Seasons clearly marked with warm summers and cool winters

Winemaking Method:

~ Grapes are hand picked in the early hours

~ Juice is extracted by pneumatic press and immediately chilled to +5°C

~ Musts and skins separated

~ Juice then fermented using selected yeasts between 14°C and 16°C for 10 to 12 days

Winemaker´s Notes

New world style wine focusing on the right time to harvest so as to enhance the notes of toasted bread and honey with the target intensity for our classic range.

Appearance: Delicate pale gold colour

Nose: Intense and fresh aromas of peaches and tropical fruit accentuating floral aromas and hints of toast and honey.

Palate: Great structure and long finish also with notes of peaches, tropical fruit and honey.

Serving temperature: 6° to 9° C. (43° to 48° F.)

Food pairings: Aperitif or to accompany white meats, fish, shellfish, blue and cream cheese.

Also available in 375 ml