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Don Pascual Roble Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet sauvignon

Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon 100%
Kilograms per hectare: 6.000 to 8.000
Hectolitres per hectare: 35 to 45
Region: Juanicó
Soil type: Chalky – clay

~ Temperate with oceanic influences
~ Mean annual temperature of 16.6° C. (62° F.)
~ Seasons clearly marked with warm summers and cool winters

Winemaking Method:
~ Grapes are selected and hand picked from the vineyard
~ Second selection process at the winery grape-by-grape
~ Cold maceration in stainless steel tanks during 4 days
~ Total maceration during 3 weeks
~ Daily pissage and delestage
~ Fermentation between 22° C and 28° C (72° to 82°F.)

Oak ageing: 6 – 9 months

Winemaker´s Notes:
“Old world” style Cabernet where the herbaceous characteristics dominate, such as green pepper and herbs, due to the just maturity of the grape towards the end of its vegetative cycle.

Colour: Ruby with tones of ageing
Aroma: Complex, harmoniously integrating fruit with oak
Taste: Fat and soft with notes of bitter chocolate and dried fruits
Serving temperature: 16° to 20° C. (61° to 68° F.)

Food pairings: Ideal for barbequed meats, poultry and pastas with sauces.