The main building of Establecimiento Juanicó is the current underground wine cellar where humidity and temperature conditions are ideal for the aging of great wines.

Three centuries ago, the cellar housed the first wine fermentations carried out in Uruguay by the Jesuits, an essential component to celebrate mass.

The best wine barrels age in the cellar for periods of up to 30 months. Every year, a significant percentage of the oak barrels, mostly French and some American, are renewed. The humidity and temperature conditions are ideal for aging great wines. There is an evaporation of alcohol from the barrels known as “La Porción de los Ángeles” – The Angel’s Share. As with centuries-old distilleries and wine cellars, part of this alcohol condenses on the walls and ceilings, isolating certain strains of fungi, which are not only capable of resisting ethanol, but even metabolize it.

“Testimony to a long history of wine, this fungi generates a unique atmosphere in the cellar that characterizes our best aged wines.”